Of the many hostile NPCs found around the realm of Life Forge, a few Monsters of notable strength stand above the rest. These Monsters are known as Bosses. TBC...


September 4, 2017

Name Level Experience Location
Mouseling Lord lvl 10 +1,000 exp Mouseling Cavern
Ironstar Minotaur lvl 20 +3,000 exp Minotaur's Lair
Duskin Devil lvl 35 +12,500 exp Duskin Pit
Forgotten Horsemen lvl 35 +15,000 exp Forgotten Spire
Typhon lvl 40 +33,333 exp Pyramid
Saurtr lvl 40 +33,333 exp Pyramid
Root Queen lvl N/A +N/A exp Delga Temple
N/A lvl N/A +N/A exp N/A

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