Candy corn, as well as candles were event currencies obtainable via monster drop during the Halloween 2019 event. By defeating monsters withing ten levels of the character, candy corns had a fair chance of dropping in amounts one-two, with the same fair rate as candles. Candy corns, along with candles, were interchangeable in the event shop and could be used to purchase a variety of cosmetic items. However, as they were purchasable for the price of five-tenths candles and had less gold value, they were the second most precious currency during the event. Alternatively, five hundred corns, combined with two hundred candles, could be crafted into a [L] Spooky Cauldron at any weaving table.

All event currencies were interchangeable, excluding platinum. For two candy corns, a player could buy a candle, and for a candle, a player could buy a candy corn. Halloween Loot Crate, Female Vampire, and Male Vampire were all items purchasable with candy corns in the event with candy corns. The Loot Crate costed two hundred corns, while each transformation required seven hundred fifty. All currencies were conveniently bind-on-pickup.

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