The skill of dwindling down a log into a plank with a Chisel is known as Carpentry, and is essential in the crafting of tools. Throughout a players adventure in the Life Forge Realm they'll encounter 8 different tiers of logs.

Tier Tier Name Material


Icon Exp


1 Oak Plank 5 x Oak Log
Exp +100
2 Moonwidow Plank 5 x Moonwidow Log
Moonwidow Plank
Exp +200
3 Dunepetal Plank 5 x Dunepetal Log
Dunepetal Plank
Exp +300
4 Delga Plank 5 x Delga Log
Delga plank
Exp +400
5 Firefly Plank 5 x Firefly Log
Firefly Plank
Exp +500
6 Marken Plank 5 x Marken Log
Marken Plank
Exp +600
7 Gemwood Plank 5 x Gemwood Log
Exp +700
8 Frostpine Plank 5 x Frostpine Log
Exp +800




To use the Carpentry Life Skill, a player must have at least 5 Logs of the same tier. For example, to craft an Oak Plank, they need to cut Oak trees until they have 5 Oak Logs. Once the necessary amount of Logs are obtained, a player may head to a house with an icon that has a blue shield on it. Once inside, they must head to the carpentry table (in this video, the table at Gulta's Crafting House is located at the top). Each crafting house is different so remember to use the table when crafting with Logs and Planks. Once Logs are crafted into Planks, players can then craft them into different types of equipment. Some of them require only a certain amount of Planks, while others will require Cloth of the same Tier along with the Planks. If a player doesn't have enough materials or the required level Carpentry to make the specified item, the chat box will notify them what they need in order to craft it.
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