In Life Forge, there are three starting classes to choose from, that develop through class advancement, to another 3 classes from each base class, these advancements are chosen at level 25. These classes are;



A stealthy assassin class, capable of huge damage and nimble movement. While Shades possess massive damage potentials, be aware of their health - they are an extremely squishy class.


A ranged DPS class capable of sustained damage from a distance. This class possesses slightly more health compared to the Shade, and is centred around maintaining distance while dishing out consistent damage during a fight. Rangers are renowned for their ability to hold their own, making them a great solo class.


A healthy ranged tank capable of powerful self-heals whilst keeping a distance like the other classes. They also possess stuns, allowing them to ensnare their foes while filling them with arrows. While not as powerful as the other Hunter classes when it comes to damage, the Warden class is unmatched in it's ability to stay alive in a fight.



The classic blow 'em up Mage focus on using damage dealing magics to defeat their enemiers.


A tankier caster class. Necromancers delve into dark magics and power. They concentrate on using a balance of tanky and damage dealing items and spells.


The healer focused class. Clerics are saintly individuals that use white magic to assist their allies and tanky items to withstand their enemiers.



A high damage melee class, ideal for rushing in to battle and dishing out fast damage.


A stoic tank capable of damage somewhat in between that of a Blademaster and a Guardian, while also maintaining a decent defense. This class is considerably durable, but still very capable with a sword in hand.


The esteemed 'tank' of the Page class. This class is capable of soaking up huge amounts of damage, and is a key component of any party.

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