Fighting in Life Forge can occur in a few different ways. First is against mobs. Players can fight mobs in the vast majority of areas in the world of Sharda. There are also powerful beings that roam about that are known as bosses, which are harder mobs that require people to group together during later levels. Last of all is PVP. This is combat between multiple players.

Whenever a player has to fight, there is always the possibility of death. When players die in Life Forge, they always lose experience and have the chance to drop items. Items that are bound to the player that are in their inventory will never drop when they die. Equipped items and cosmetics do not drop either. Items without a player-bound property have a chance to be dropped. This can range from one to several items.

However, if players have been marked as a Player Killer and have a very high kill streak, the items they've equipped could also drop as well. Player Killers have their name marked in red and those who are online will see a message when a player is killed, such as "Player1 has been killed by Player2"; "Player2 has been deemed a Player Killer".

When a red player has been killed, a notification will appear in chat in the form of "Player2 has been killed by Player1"; "Player2 has paid the price for being a Player Killer!".

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