Crafting is a central part of the journey in Life Forge. As the player progresses, many different trees, rocks, fishing spots and flowers become available to gather and use to produce equipment and tools. Crafting materials are separated by tier. Materials from a tier will always and only be combined with materials from the same tier. For example, an item will never call for Oak Logs and Iron Bars in the same recipe. Certain skills govern the gathering and processing of their respective materials.

The gathering skills (Woodcutting, Mining, Herbalism and Fishing) are trained through chopping trees, mining ore nodes, gathering flowers and catching fish. The higher the tier of the node, the higher gathering skill required to harvest it. Tier 2 unlocks level 3, Tier 3 unlocks at level 8, and Tier 4 unlocks at level 15.

The processing skills (Carpentry, Smithing, Tanning, Weaving and Cooking) are trained by processing raw materials, as well as crafting equipment and tools. Like gathering, the higher the tier of the material or item the player is trying to make, the higher your respective processing skill needs to be. Tier 2 unlocks at level 3, Tier 3 unlocks at level 5, and Tier 4 unlocks at level 10.

Being as vital is it is crafting is handled with a different system then normal interaction. It is based of a drag and drop system. Simply drag the resource to the station and it shall open a UI. There it will inform the player as to what they can make with the items they have in their inventory. Clicking on an item that can't made will send a message in chat about what is needed. To craft more than one of an item at a time right click what you intend to make and another UI will open allowing you to select the amount.

Raw Materials

Listed below is a table of the tiers' raw materials.

Tier Logs Ores Flowers Fish Hides
1 Oak Log Copper Ore Sweetbriar Sea Skipper Mouseling Hide
2 Moonwidow Log Iron Ore Skythistle Cave Fish Bat Hide
3 Dunepetal Log Dunestone Ore Shadeleaf Dryriver Fish Desert Hide
4 Delga Log Biosteel Ore Delgaroot N/A Delga Hide

Processing Materials

Crafting tools and equipment from these resources first requires an intermediary step, known as processing. Processing involves taking your raw gathered materials to a Crafting House in any town and producing processed goods. These processed materials can then be used to craft weapons, armor, and tools. Listed below is a table of the tiers' processed materials along with their constituents.

Tier Planks Bars Cloth Fish [C] Leather
1 Oak Plank

(5 Oak Logs)

Bronze Bar

(5 Copper Ore)

Sweetbriar Cloth

(5 Sweetbriar)

Sea Skipper [C]

(1 Sea Skipper)

Mouseling Leather

(5 Mouseling Hides)

2 Moonwidow Plank

(5 Moonwidow Logs)

Iron Bar

(5 Iron Ore)

Skythistle Cloth

(5 Skythistle)

Cave Fish [C]

(1 Cave Fish)

Bat Leather

(5 Bat Hides)

3 Dunepetal Plank

(5 Dunepetal Logs)

Dunestone Bar

(5 Dunestone Ore)

Shadeleaf Cloth

(5 Shadeleaf)

Dryriver Fish [C]

(1 Dryriver Fish)

Desert Leather

(5 Desert Hides)

4 Delga Plank

(5 Delga Logs)

Biosteel Bar

(5 Biosteel Ore)

Delgaroot Cloth

(5 Delgaroot)

N/A Delga Leather

(5 Delga Hides)

Crafting Items

Below is a set of tables listing the items needed to craft weapons, armour and tools of all tiers. Note that the amounts of each material are always the same throughout the tiers for the same product. For example, Bows will always require 4 planks and 1 cloth from the same tier.

An exception to this rule exists with Swords, Shields and Estocs. Tier 3 and above require 1 extra bar. At the same tier, the cost for all tools (Pickaxe, Hatchet and Sickle) decreases by 1 bar.


Item Material 1 Material 2 Item Material 1 Material 2
Pickaxe 5 Bars 1 Plank Barbut 3 Bars
Hatchet 5 Bars 1 Plank Circlet 3 Bars
Sickle 5 Bars 1 Plank Mask 3 Bars
Dagger 3 Bars 1 Plank Boots 2 Bars N/A
Sword 3 Bars 1 Plank Spear 3 Bars 1 Plank
Estoc 3 Bars N/A Jian 3 Bars 1 Plank
Shield 3 Bars N/A Scythe 3 Bars 1 Plank
Platemail 5 Bars N/A Greataxe 3 Bars
Sallet 3 Bars N/A


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