Crafting Materials are any item whose main purpose of existence is to be used to craft / create something else in game. Most crafting materials come either as 'Raw materials' which could be harvested via certain Weapons (basically tools, but currently linking to weapons as they can be wielded as such) or defeating certain monsters; or as 'Processed materials' which are made when the player processes a group of raw materials together, but they themselves are only meant to be the in-between step before being used for a practical item.

Due to this, it would make sense for food items to be listed under Consumes, as they do allow consumption, even though they could be used as a cooking craft material. (Perhaps one can work on that once we have more cooking recipes?)

The following list is INCOMPLETE, and could use help. As more items become discovered, I would like to separate this table into different categories (ie: herbalism, woodcutting, mining, tanning)

Requirements & Exp rewards

For Harvesting (Excludes Hunting)

Tier Skill Level Req. Player Exp Skill Exp
1 None 20 100
2 3 300 200
3 8 600 300
4 12 800 400
5 20 1000 500
6 25 2000 600

Note: For harvesting purposes, Cactus Gel is considered to be a tier 1 item that requires a Hatchet to obtain, and rewards Herbalism skill exp.

For Processing

Tier Skill Level Req. Skill Exp
1 None 100
2 3 200
3 8 300
4 12 400
5 20 500

For Production to equipment

Tier Skill Level Req. Skill Exp
1 None 100
2 3 200
3 5 300
4 10 400
5 20 500

Herbalism (Uses Sickles, Weaving)

Tier Raw Material Processed Material
1 Sweetbriar Sweetbriar Cloth
2 Skythistle Skythistle Cloth
3 Shadeleaf Shadeleaf Cloth
4 Delgaroot Delgaroot Cloth
5 Brightblossom Brightblossom Cloth
6 Ashflower Ashflower Cloth

Woodcutting (Uses Hatchets, Carpentry)

Tier Raw Material Processed Material
1 Oak Log Oak Plank
2 Moonwidow Log Moonwidow Plank
3 Dunepetal Log Dunepetal Plank
4 Delga Log Delga Plank
5 Firefly Log Firefly Plank
6 Marken Log Marken Plank

Mining (Uses Pickaxes, Smithing)

Tier Raw Material Processed Material
1 Copper Ore Bronze Bar
2 Iron Ore Iron Bar
3 Dunestone Ore Dunestone Bar
4 Biosteel Ore Biosteel Bar
5 Starfire Ore Starfire Bar
6 Darksky Ore Darksky Bar

Hunting (Uses Tanning)

Tier Raw Material Processed Material
1 Mouseling Hide Mouseling Leather
2 Bat Hide Bat Leather
3 Desert Hide Desert Leather
4 Delga Hide Delga Leather
5 Firefly Hide Firefly Leather
6 Marken Hide Marken Leather

Cooking (Uses Cooking, May use Rods, Fishing)

Tier Raw Fish Cooked Fish Raw Food Ingredents Cooked Food
1 Sea Skipper Sea Skipper [C] 5 Ear of Corn

1 Head of Cabbage

Hare's Feast
2 Cave Fish Cave Fish [C] 5 Carrot

1 Tomato


10 Cactus Gel (special)

Veggie Lunch


Farsight (special)

3 Dryriver Fish Dryriver Fish [C] 5 Desert Banana

1 Desert Melon

Desert Medley
4 Delga Fish Delga Fish [C]
5 Draken Fish Draken Fish [C]
6 Marken Fish Marken Fish [C]

Note: Cactus Gel requires a Hatchet to obtain, and gives Herbalism exp upon harvest.

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