Moonwidow Crafting

The Moonwidow Plank is the first tier of the Carpentry skill, the counter part to its gathering skill Woodcutting. To craft the Moonwidow Plank, you must be in the crafting house and drag the Moonwidow Log to the worktable.

Known Creation:

(with use of Chisel)
Input Output Carpentry


5 Moonwidow Log 1 Moonwidow Plank Exp +300
Known Recipes:

Carpentry:(Requires level 10)

Item Carpentry


Plank Other
Arrows Exp +
Wand Exp + none
Cudgel Exp + none
Bow Exp +
Lyre Exp +
Staff Exp + none
Rod Exp +

The processed version of Dunepetal Logs, these planks are craftable into various items.


5 Dunepetal Logs -> 1 Dunepetal Plank

Known Recipes:

Item Needed Material
Dunepetal Bow 4 Dunepetal Planks

1 Shadeleaf Cloth

Dunepetal Staff 5 Dunepetal Planks
Dunepetal Wand 4 Dunepetal Planks
Dunepetal Rod 5 Dunepetal Planks
Dunetip Arrows x 200 1 Dunepetal Plank

1 Dunestone Bar

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