This quest is only available after completing the quests for Erwarin and Verwarin. After completing the first and second parts of the quest chain, the player must use the red key to reach Kerwarin. He then asks the player to find three dwarfite gems on Dino Island, which are all found inside ponds on the island. After completing the quest, the player is rewarded with the Dwarven Heirloom, which is used to gain access to the Dwarf Mines by speaking to the Mine Worker while the item is in the player's inventory. All three gems can be obtained prior to obtaining the quest, and as a result, obtaining the gems before speaking to Kerwarin can save time.


All three gems come in a different colour variety and are all found in different locations no further than the map before the Dino Island Cliffside. No tool is required to gather them and they do not need to be collected in a specific order. If the player happens to collect two or more gems of the same type, they can eliminate the excess gem(s) by selling them to an NPC.

The first gem is found above the map with only Long Necks and Raptors. The map containing this gem contains Pterodactyls.

The second gem can be found on the map containing an entrance to Dino Caves as well as producing Raptors and Long Necks.

The final gem is found on the map where the player is first introduced to T-rexes.

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