A rare item dropped by some monsters in Life Forge during the Easter Event. There is a chance to get multiple eggs from one drop. Five of these could be traded for a pair of Easter Ears during the event's duration.

For Easter 2019, the item made a return. To obtain it, players defeated monsters within ten levels of their player level. The eggs had a 1/4 drop rate with a slight chance of two or three eggs with a kill. It could be spent on various cosmetics, most notably the Crystal Zhanmada, Nature Staff, and Amethyst Staff: these items costed five hundred eggs each. Other non-limited cosmetics included Cap of the Wood, Fae Wings (W), and Bee Wings; these as well as the Loot Crate of Sin and Scarf Crate were available for fifty eggs each. The eggs could be bought for seven-tenths to one platinum each, depending on how much is bought simultaneously.

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