Life Forge is like any typical MMO in the fact that there are many different types of equipment. These equipments vary from weapons to charms to armor, such are just a few examples of the many types of equipment we will be going over. In general Life Forge has two main equipment types, those being crafted and droppable. Crafted equipment comes from your life skills such as mining and smithing. Then your droppable equipment comes from enemies and bosses such as George and The Darkspawn Wraith. One of the cool things about Life Forge and equipment is that equipment have the chance of getting prefixes and suffixes that change the stats of item which we will go over down below.

Equipment Types

There are 9 total equipment slots for your character in LifeForge, we will go over all of them below.

  • Weapons4- Located in the middle left is the weapons slot; weapons give you offensive stat boosts and allow you to attack
  • Armor5- Located in the middle center is the armor slot; armor gives you your main defensive stats based upon the class type
  • Boots8- Located in the bottom middle is the boots slot; boots give your character increased stats based upon the class type.
  • Enchants1- Located in the top left is the enchant slot; enchants are items such as cloaks and other miscellaneous cosmetic items
  • Shields6- Located in the middle left is the shield slot; shields are a craftable item for use as protection in combat, though you cannot wield a 2 handed weapon with a shield.
  • Helmets2- Located in the top middle is the helmet slot, similar to boots in the stats it gives.
  • Rings3- Located in the top right is the ring slot; rings are obtained throughout the game and usually give miscellaneous boosts to your core stats; Agility, Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, and Endurance
  • Charms7-  Located in the bottom left is the charm slot; charms are items primarily found as monster drops that boost random stats such as the ring slot does.
  • Gem9- Located in the bottom right is the gem slot; these are items that negate your core element, and will determine if your attack is effective or non-effective against monsters.


Enhancments are prefixes and suffixes that have a percentage of a chance to be applied to any equipment when its crafted or dropped by a monster. This being said, enhancements cannot be acquired on gear purchased directly from merchants. There are currently 5 tiers of enhancements; Broken, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Equipment Quality (Prefix)

Here we will learn about Prefixes on gear and what exactly they do! All items, aside from cloaks, have a random chance of having a prefix whether they are crafted or dropped but not if they are bought.

  • Broken- If an item is broken the stats it gives will be nerfed making the item less valuable.
  • Normal- This is the base level of items and gives no extra stats, this is also how shops sell them.
  • Uncommon- With this prefix not much is changed, a few minor bonuses are found on your stats.
  • Rare- If an item is rare the stats are increased, making the item much superior than the original.
  • Epic- Epic is quite the prefix, giving a great bonus to the item and making it much better than the original.
  • Legendary- If you receive a legendary item you're in luck, this is the best prefix possible to get and will be the best possible version of the item!

Equipment Enhancments (Suffix)

Now we will learn about Suffixes which are quite similar to prefixes but give different bonuses. While prefixes clearly have some that are better and are worse, suffixes values are determined by the user.

Enchancment Boost(s)
Speed Increases weapon speed
Damage Increases damage on weapons,

and defense on armor

Wild Increases Endurance and Agility
Vampire Increases your Lifesteal percentage
Stranger Increases your Lethality percentage
Wall Increases Endurance
Archer Increases Agility
Wanderer Increases Strength and Intelligence
Wicked Increases your Spiritleech percentage
Harmony Increases Willpower
Warrior Increases Strength and Endurance
Mage Increases Intelligence
Jester Increases Intelligence and Agility
Rogue Increases Strength and Agility
Hawk Increases Critical Hit Chance