Marked Oak


The Old Man needs some firewood for his fireplace, and who better to have get it than the stranger washed ashore? This quest is to teach the stranger how to cut trees for wood that can later be used in crafting.

Quest given by Old Man at Tranquil Path on Tutorial Island.

Task - Gather Oak Logs and place them in the barrel.

First Stage: Gather 2 Oak Logs from the Oak Trees.

Second Stage: Store the Oak Logs in the Barrel.

Third Stage: Speak to the Old Man.

Reward: 100 Experience, 100 Gold.

Non-repeatable quest.

Note: Equip the Bronze Axe given to you by the Old Man. Stand next to a marked tree, as seen in image above, and continuously cut it until it appears as a stump. An Oak Log will then be placed in your inventory.

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