The Forgotten Horseman is a 3 stage boss. He can be summoned by using a Forgotten Stone on the altar.

  • Stage 1: Regular mode - just a mob riding a horse. However, right before the Horseman is killed, make sure to run to the very right side of the map. This will help with stage 2.
  • Stage 2: Split mode - The head and horse will now split apart and attack its opponents separately. If players run to the right side just before killing the first form, the horse will not attack.
  • Stage 3: Phantom mode - Similar to the first form but with much more health and damage. It is highly advised that 3 people take him out at first all around lvl 25-30. Bring a party member that can tank as well a member that can dps.

Players are highly advised to be as prepared as possible when fighting this boss, whether they fight it solo or in a group. Forgotten Horseman will disappear the moment the room has no players in it, when the Horseman kills all of its opponents or all players leave the fighting area. Players will not be able to get back on their mounts until they're killed and sent back to their revival point, or until they defeat the boss.

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