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The Hunter class has mid range health and spirit. The Hunter excels at ranged combat having a higher ranged damage output than other classes as well as a higher critical strike rate. At level 25, the Hunter can become a Ranger, Warden, or Shade.

Unique Abilities

Camouflage Lv3
Icon camoflauge-0.PNG
Vital: 15
Cost: 50 SP
Cast Time: 2s
Cooldown: 50s
Stealth: 45s
Molding to your surrounding area, you vanish becoming undetectable. Attacking a target will grant extra damage while stealth but will cause you to lose your camouflage.

Wild Slash Lv3
Icon wild slash.PNG
Damage HP
Vital: 5
Cost: 15 SP
Cast Time: 0s
Cooldown: 5s
You cut your enemy in a wild, savage fashion, dealing damage. Scales with Agility.

Echo Blast Lv3
Icon echo blast.PNG
Damage HP
Vital: 3
Cost: 20 SP
Cast Time: 1s
Cooldown: 20s
Stun: 2s
You stun your enemies with a howling echo from a large distance off. Scales with Agi.