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Basic Information about the game

  • You can reset key bindings in options
  • Middle Mouse Button gives you a second hotbar
    • This button cant be rebound currently
  • Get 3 Stat Points a level
  • Get one Talent Point a level starting at 5th level
  • After 15th Level you get Daily Login Rewards and has a chance to get double of a reward if the right card out of 3 cards is selected
    • Day 1- Harvest Potion 1
    • Day 2- Harvest Potion 2
    • Day 3- Harvest Potion 3
    • Day 4- Harvest Potion 3 and Skill Exp Potion 2
    • Day 5- Bonus Exp Potion 2 and Skill Exp Potion 3
    • Day 6- 2 Platinum, Skill Exp 3 and Bonus Exp Potion 3
    • Day 7- 3 Platinum, Loot Crate I and Bonus Exp Potion 3
  • Dungeons reset daily and the Echo Dungeon is only available on Fridays.
    • Dungeons give gold and dungeon tokens as a reward
    • Currently the only use for the token is buying a race change potion from the dungeon master.
  • Weekly Events are under Events
  • Information about prefixes and suffixes are in Equipment
  • Each of the 4 classes has a DPS, Hybrid and Tank subclass with bonus to dmg for DPS, dmg and defense for Hybrid and defense for Tank.
  • Hitting v while hovering over a house deed in a shop allows you to preview what the house looks like