High up at the peaks of Mt. Ironstar, there is an entrance that leads through a dark maze inside the caverns. Travellers may quietly sneak through the maze to get to Armistin, but if they choose, may venture to the center of the maze where it is rumored a foul Minotaur resides.

Tips and Strategies:

  • This monster has a punch that can vary from really weak to very strong. A page or hunter should be ready to tank hits, while a magi should focus on creating distance.
  • The Minotaur's stun attack can target players at a range, so it is entirely possible to freeze and unable to run away.
  • Minotaur can teleport right next to the attacking player, so it can actually teleport beyond the walls of the central area, in case any Magi thought it would be a smart idea to 'aggro' Minotaur from the sides. (It is NOT - no space to run = quick death)
  • Minotaur tends to follow up stuns with teleport then attack, so always bring food to tank hits.
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