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In the realm of LifeForge there are many occupations that a character can pursue. Are you tired of killing monsters endlessly waiting for that next level? Or contrary to that are you just not getting enough slaying action? Here at LifeForge we have every activity to suit your needs. These skills are divided into two categories; Gathering and Crafting.

Gathering vs Crafting

Each skill has its own counterpart skill to go with it (except tanning). There's gathering skill such as woodcutting and a crafting skill like carpentry. The gathering skill is the progress of collecting the resources needed in order to do the crafting skill. The crafting counterpart is when the player takes the 5 corresponding materials gathered (ore, herb, log, or hide) and take it to its respective crafting area. Each crafting skill requires a tool.

Gathering Levels*-

Tier Level Requirement XP Given Estimated Gathers (since last tier)
I 1 100 N/A
II 3 200 30 TI gathers
III 8 300 125 TII gathers
IV 12 400 127 TIII gathers
V 20 500 310 TIV gathers
VI 25 600 220 TV gathers
VII 30 700 225 TVI gathers
VIII 35 800 229 TVII gathers
VIV 40 850 232 TVIII gathers
X 45 900 248 TIV gathers
  • Some exceptions to the rule such as non-resources (delga mushrooms, etc.) and certain resources may not follow these patterns. Island and Enki Flowers are bugged and only give TIII and TIV xp, causing increasing herbalism to become more tedious while collecting them.

Crafting Levels*-


  • Some items such as the Shadowy Cloak and other special items may not follow these patterns. Cooking follows a different pattern almost completely, especially for non-fish foods.


Skill Overview Crafting





Woodcutting This skill is the act of cutting down

trees across the realm for use in crafting

Gathering Hatchet
Carpentry The act of dwindling down logs into planks

which are used in the crafting of tools and


Crafting Chisel
Mining Ripping rocks of their precious minerals

through repetitive striking of a heave pick

Gathering Pickaxe
Smithing Striking down upon ores with extreme heat,

molding them into bars used to craft tools,

armor, and weapons

Crafting Ingot Mold & Hammer
Herbalism Taking care of the lawn has never been more

rewarding, this skill is the proccess of

harvesting those pesky herbs to be used in


Gathering Sickle
Weaving Through percise cutting and sewing, you add

herbs and flowers together into cloth. This cloth

is used in the crafting of tools, armor, and


Crafting Scisors & Sewing Kit
Fishing You grab the rod, and I'll grab the line, we can

go fishing everywhere in this realm. Even in the

deepest darkest corners of this place there are


Gathering Rod
Cooking Ever since cavemen have discovered the fire,

people have become excelled in the art of

cooking. You can cook your fish and other

ingredients around the realm

Crafting Cooking Pot
Tanning The slaying of monsters and gathering their

hides is the main goal of tanners. The hide is

then used to craft armor for hunters

Crafting Hide Scraper
Alchemy The art of mixing ingredients and creating potions and brews. Crafting Mortar and Pestle