The Magi class is a spellcasting class that has low health, but high spirit and damage. The Magi excels at magical combat and has a higher magic intesity rate than other classes. The class branches off into 3 advanced classes at level 25, these classes are:

The Magi has access to a lot of offensive spells and skills as well as all of the standard abilities that can be purchased by any class, the Magi's Unique skills that can be purchased at level 1 include:

Starting Spells:



The spell that magi will begin the game with, it is a weak ranged atack spell with an instant cast and a 3 second cooldown. Spark will be the main damage source for a Magi until they unlock more spells at level 25. The spell's damage scales with Intelligence.



The first stun skill that a Magi can purchase, it has a 1 second cast time and a stun that increases as the skill levels to a maximum of 3 seconds. The spell's damage scales with Intelligence.

Aura Siphon



Dark Aura



There is one skill that is unlocked for purchase by the Magi in Armistin at level 20 called overgrowth:




The Magi then unlocks additional skills when they reach level 25, in addition to 2 Unique skills to the subclass that they choose. A Magi will always be able to purchase these skills irregardless of subclass:

Water Slash



Spirit Blast






To effectively play a Magi it is suggested that you join a party with a tank, since Magi possess very low HP and defence if using robes, use the stun spells Shiver and Overgrowth to control the enemies and try to fight from mounts as much as possible for the additional speed and health while kiting.

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