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Player Housing is one of the major additions featured and introduced into the Alpha 1.8.0 update. It allows players to own their home in the world of Sharda for them to create and design a place of their own. Houses are made up of themed regions in the world of Sharda. For example, Tal sells deeds to houses that match the theme of the Marken area.

How to get a house

Before a player can retrieve access to their own house, they must first purchase a deed to the house. This deed may either cost Gold or Platinum, and may require a significant amount for a bigger home. However, a bigger home will allow a player to put more furniture in and design it to their liking. Players can also trade the deed should they wish to purchase a new house.

House Layouts

Location Size Cost NPC Daily Furniture Limit Regular Furniture Limit
Gandor Small 10,000 Gold Land Owner 10 250
Gandor Medium 500,000 Gold Land Owner 15 250
Gandor Large 3,000,000 Gold Land Owner 35 250
Armistin Oasis 2,000,000 Gold Validor 25 250
Armistin Riverside 2.000,000 Gold Validor 25 250
Ironstar Cave 1,000,000 Gold Validor 20 250
Draken Swamp 2,500,000 Gold Furniture Merchant 30 250
Firefly Forest 100 Platinum Mythra Merchant 40 250
Haunted House Large 110 Platinum Mythra Merchant

(Oct.2017 Limited)

50 250
Marken Forest 3,000,000 Gold Tal 35 250
Marken Ruins 2,500,000 Gold Tal 30 250
Lovely Cabin Large 50 Platinum Mythra Merchant 35 250
Charlin Cabin Large 3,250,000 Gold Charlin Furniture Store 40 250

Homestead Features

With player housing, players can decorate their home as well as use various parts of the land where resource tiles lay to grow food, mine, fish, and plants trees. Players may also install breweries and statues for incredible buffs.

Houses have different sizes which affect the furniture limit available in that homestead. Furniture fall into two categories Daily Furniture which is ones that can be harvested and regular furniture which do can not be harvested. Each house has a different limit on the number of daily furniture it can contain. All houses have a max of 250 regular furniture items.

Should a player decide to move to a new home, the /collectf command will allow them to obtain any placed homestead item back into their inventory for them to retrieve. Once a new house is purchased, anything placed in the old homestead is gone for good.

Players also need to purchase a House Warp spell for 1 Gold for whenever they want to return to it. This spell book is found at various homestead merchandising shops.

At 12 AM EST or midnight, which is the time of the server reset, resources that have been implemented into the home will be ready to harvest. However, they must be obtained before the next reset as they do not stack with each passing day.