PvP or Player versus Player is where one person fights another player. In game there are currently 3 locations for pvp. The first is the draken marsh. It is outside of Gulta and is the map to the right of the first marsh map. The second location is the Conclave. This is a location that is currently bugged mapwise and can be entered by talking to the Conclave attendant in Armistin, The third location is the guild pvp tower in the desert. This tower gives a health buff to the guild that controls it. It is to the right and up from the first map above Armistin.

Dealing damage to a player first and killing them will result in a red name. If you deal damage second and kill them you will not gain a red name. Killing too many people cause your name to darken which can increase the drop chance of equipped items. This only occurs if one has a red name.

Blood tokens are a pvp token obtained from killing innocent people. These tokens can be exchanged for a blood pvp box which contains items that could be obtained.

Honor tokens are gained from killing player killers. These tokens are used to buy honor boxes which contain items.
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