In-game description - A stealthy assassin class, capable of huge damage and nimble movement. While Shades possess massive damage potentials, be aware of their health - they are an extremely squishy class.

The Shade class is centered around having a high damage per second, with moments of burst damage. They have access to two abilities that stealth them, leading to moments of burst damage that can kill monsters or other players in a single attack while they were undetected. Shades are also equipped with skills that aid them in extended battles, having a blind and a damage over time.

In player vs. environment, Shades can slaughter monsters without being harmed if they are mounted due to their massive DPS, ranged attacks, and ability to avoid dangerous situations by utilizing the skill Darkside, all aided with the mobility gained from mounts. Unmounted, Shades are still generally safe with the Darkside skill, although the speed in which one can farm or train for experience is lost.

Unique Abilities - Shared Abilities:

Darkside Lv3
Icon darkside
Vital: 15
Cost: 30 SP
Cast Time: 0s
Cooldown: 10s
Stealth: 5s
You traverse the Darkside, becoming stealthed and buffing your agility for a short time.
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