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Wands are ranged one-handed weapons that mainly give Int and Will boost.

Mostly used by Magis, Necromancers, Wizards and Clerics, they have a decent fire rate and they should be used with a Shield on the second hand.

Wands have actually a range of 4 tiles (1 less than Staves) and cannot fire throught elements that the player cannot walk over like : trees, stones, walls, void.

Name Tier Level Obtention
Oak Wand 1 - Craft / Shop
Moonwidow Wand 2 10 Craft
Dunepetal Wand 3 20 Craft
Forgotten Wand 3 25 Drop
Delga Wand 4 30 Craft
Jungle Wand 4 35 Drop
Arc Wand 5 30 Drop