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== '''Unique Abilities''' ==
== '''Unique Abilities''' ==
=== '''Lifeblood''' (Rank 3) ===
Scales with Will
[[File:Herbal Remedy.png|left|thumb|190x190px]]
Vital 5, Instant cast self heal
Cost 15 Spirit
20s Cooldown
=== '''Entangle''' (Rank 3) ===
Scales with Will
Vital 3, 5 tile AoE Stun, 3 second stun
1 second cast time
Cost 30 Spirit
25s Cooldown
=== '''Herbal Remedy '''(Rank 3) ===
Scales with Will
Vital 3, Instant cast self heal
Cost 0 Spirit
15s Cooldown
=== '''Meditate''' (Rank 3) ===
Scales with Int
Vital 5, Regenerates Spirit
3 second cast time
Cost 0 Spirit
15s Cooldown

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As a Warden you will be naturally more tanky than your Shade and Ranger cousins. Your spells are focused on self-healing and tanking large groups of monsters at once.

You will want to focus into either Agility or Strength, Endurance and some Willpower (Just play with resets until you find the best amount of self-healing for you).

Valuable talents to get are "Arcbolt", "Whirl" and "Road Less Traveled", these will give you a large chunk of Willpower at low cost, saving you stat points for more Strength OR Agility and Endurance.

Lifeblood and Mountain's Fortitude are also good pickups if you're having problems with ranged monsters.

Unique Abilities

Herbal Remedy
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