The Weaving skill is the go to for any magi class interested in crafting their own gear. Weaving is the crafting counterpart to the herbalism skill. It is to be started by first gathering flowers through gathering the tier 1 flowers Sweetbriar. This skill is the same as to all other crafting skills in the fact that you need 5 basic pieces of the material in order to craft the cloth. Weaving is preformed at a Loom located in a crafting station, and is done by dragging one of the flowers to the loom.


Cloth is the crafted form of the flower harvested through herbalism.

Tier Tier Name Materials




1 Sweetbriar Cloth 5 x Sweetbriar Exp +100
2 Skythistle Cloth 5 x Skythistle Exp +300
3 Shadeleaf Cloth 5 x Shadeleaf Exp +500
4 Delgaroot Cloth 5 x Delgaroot Exp +750
5 Brightblossom Cloth 5 x Brightblossom Exp +900
6 Ashflower Cloth 5 x Ashflower Exp +1000
7 Thrisilia Cloth 5 xThrisilia Exp +1200
8 Moonflower Cloth 5 x Moonflower Exp +1500
9 Soarius Cloth 5 x Island Flower Exp +1800
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